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Openable windows in offices are a must according to JLL Czech clients and occupiers

​PRAGUE, 30 JUNE 2015 – JLL has recently carried out the first short poll among its clients aiming to better understand their clients´ needs and to get to know their views on certain topical  issues. The first of these polls was focused on openable windows in office premises. JLL prepared a short questionnaire, which it distributed to its clients across the whole of Prague. The questionnaire asked respondents if they consider openable windows important and how often they really open them.

The results showed that 91% of the respondents consider openable windows a must, even in a fully air-conditioned office. Moreover, almost three quarters (73%) really open the windows in their office every day. The remaining answers were split evenly among those who open the windows every other day (10%), once every two weeks (7%) and those who open the windows only in case the air-condition is broken.

“The results confirmed our assumptions that most people will consider an openable window important. However, the frequency with which they open them was surprising even for us. According to a survey conducted within the Business Services Sector in Poland, which JLL also participated on under the patronage of ABSL, non-functioning or insufficient air-conditioning is the second most annoying factor in offices after excessive noise. Nevertheless, the fact that 73% of those who consider openable windows a must and open them every day, is astonishing,” comments Eduard Forejt, Business Development Director at JLL, on the results.

It was mostly occupiers of old reconstructed office buildings who considered the lack of openable windows a major defect. “It is important to say that with the old buildings the problem is accentuated by noisy air-conditioning units under the windows. Air-conditioning in contemporary buildings is significantly more efficient and pleasant. There are even buildings, such as Green Line Kačerov, where the CO2 sensors are installed and ready to supply fresh air into the premises if needed,” explains Eduard Forejt.

“The needs and views of office building occupiers should represent the most important factor for the planning and construction of new buildings. As well as with open space or hot desking, we should not follow these trends blindly when speaking about windows. For it is obvious from our poll that at least in the nearest future, openable windows will be a must in the Czech Republic,” concludes Eduard Forejt.