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News Release


Wargaming to Open It's Global Engineering and Development Centre in Oasis Florenc in Prague 8, Czech Republic

​Wargaming, a key player on the global online gaming market , has set up its branch in the Czech Republic recently and has chosen Oasis Florenc, an A class office building in Prague 8, for its seat. The company is developing, testing and selling online games, among which the World of Tanks and World of Warplanes are the most popular with 150 million players globally. Wargaming, founded in Minsk (White Russia) now has 16 offices with 4,000 employees around the globe.

"In Prague, Wargaming is going to open its engineering centre where the company is going to test new titles and related technologies, to focus on the quality of products including their back-end systems. Further duties include corporate legal service, data storage and business intelligence," says Pavel Kocián, Manager of Wargaming´s Czech branch.   

"Wargaming has leased approximately 1,300 sqm in the 4th floor in Oasis Florenc with an option for expansion. In order to meet the technological requirements of our new tenant, we have invested in the IT comfort of our premises providing them with state-of-the-art data cabling and additional external cooling units," adds Martin Novák from Artiga Real Estate, who represents the building's owner.   

Oasis Florenc, leased and managed exclusively by real estate advisor JLL, is located on the border of Prague 1 and Prague 8 in close vicinity to the Metro B and C lines station and tram lines connecting the city centre with Karlín and other parts of Prague. Among the tenants of the 15,000 sq. m. Oasis Florenc office scheme are companies such as Cisco Systems, PGRLF, J&T Bank and Eli Lilly. There is also a shopping passage in the building with stores such as Albert and DM Drogerie, Costa Coffee, a pharmacy and other facilities.