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Project & Development Services

When we manage your real estate projects, we’ll save you time and money, and minimize your financial risk

​​​​​​Today, delivering a successful project goes beyond being on time, on budget and within specifications. Our Project and Development Services professionals commit to helping you identify and manage your project risks before they become costly problems.

With our in-depth understanding of local legislation, regulations and business drivers, we help clients effectively complete a wide variety of project types across industries—from corporate offices and industrial developments to multisite retail outlets.



City Market
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Client Type
PragueProject and Development ServicesOfficeCorporates/czech-republic/en-gb/case-studies/42/havel-holasek-partners24/02/2016 07:16 AMBucilova, Lenka (Czech)
PragueProject and Development ServicesOfficeCorporates/czech-republic/en-gb/case-studies/41/kit-digital24/02/2016 07:14 AMBucilova, Lenka (Czech)
PragueProject and Development ServicesOffice; RetailCorporates/czech-republic/en-gb/case-studies/40/ncr24/02/2016 07:10 AMBucilova, Lenka (Czech)