Argentinská Office Building in Holešovice will be leased by JLL.

Argentinská Office Building in Holešovice will be leased by JLL. The project offers 24-hour reception and flexibility in office solutions.

dubna 19, 2018

JLL's Office Agency has obtained an exclusive mandate to lease Argentinská Office Building owned by SUDOP Invest in the increasingly popular Prague 7. A lucrative office building of almost 10,000 sqm is due to be built in the second quarter of 2019 and offers its potential tenants over 6,000 sqm of offices in 7 floors.

The SUDOP Group, which is constructing Argentinská Office Building as part of its investment and acquisition company SUDOP Invest and will be the property manager, is the largest company in the infrastructure project market. The interior of the building has flexible offices suitable for open space solutions as well as individual offices. In addition, the building has ever more desired openable windows, central air conditioning, and external blinds. The comfort of tenants will also be improved by services on the ground floor.

Only 2nd - 4th floor will be offered to rent. Upper floors will be used by designers from Metroprojekt. There will also be a total of 25 indoor and 7 outdoor parking spaces. Thanks to its excellent location, the building is also greatly accessible by public transport, both by metro C and by tram, bus and train connections. The possible future connection between Holešovice and nearby Karlín increases the exclusivity of the building as well. Another important specific of the project is security thanks to 24-hours reception, magnetic card access, and camera system.

"We were really pleased with the cooperation with SUDOP Invest on the project of Argentinská Office Building. We are convinced of the great potential of the site and the building itself. Investor´s realization confirms the increasing attractiveness of Holešovice, which at the moment is a developing location with great potential. Personal approach to the realization is confirmed by the fact that the SUDOP company itself is also moving to the building. New tenants will thus get high-quality premises in a location that will soon be much sought after location by new potential tenants." said Štěpán Šatoplet, Head of JLL Office Agency Department.

"The investor's endeavor is to create a high-quality, flexible office building with a pleasant working environment in a place that has a great future in the long run and fits into the foreseeable development of Holešovice." said Jan Sellner, SUDOP Invest Supervisory Board Member.