Shaping the future of work for a better world

ledna 11, 2021
Work is not somewhere you go, but something you do!

The future of work is not new. It is a path we have been on for many years and most of its aspects are well-established, from hot-desking and remote working to new levels of employee well-being and experience. What is new is the profound transformation of the notion of work and how we work. Trends in the way we live and work have taken months rather than years to become deep-rooted – there is no going back to the old normal. Workforce preferences have changed and employers will need to lean into them to ‘win back office workers in 2021’.

2021 will be a year of inflection, experimentation and piloting

Accepting that they may never operate again as they did pre-crisis, companies realize that the ability to adapt to new and changing conditions will be essential for success. The pandemic has advanced digital transformation of businesses and brought individual health and well-being to the forefront as a critical priority. With work now truly boundaryless, employees expect a safe, productive and seamless experience wherever they work.

In our latest research, we reveal how the new trends will change real estate strategies and identify key priorities and opportunities for CRE leaders and C-Suite executives.

Accelerated by the pandemic, real estate now sits at the top of C-suite priorities to enable work, workforce and workplace. And it is the workforce – empowered by technology with sustainability and individual well-being as a purpose – who is now driving and accelerating change.

Work from anywhere is the only path forward

How is work performed and where and when does it happen? What are the preferences of the workforce and how are people performing? What is the size and location of the future workplace and what is the right mix of the portfolio?

There is no roadmap to follow. Instead, we need to navigate the future of work with the agility to adapt to changes throughout 2021 and beyond. This is no mean feat as there are considerable targets in sight:

  1. Enable hybrid work

  2. Empower and engage employees wherever they work

  3. Manage and sustain dynamic occupancy planning

The opportunity to reimagine the future of work has never been stronger, and companies should explore solutions that fit and flex with their organization best: it is an always-on transformation leading to always-on resiliency.

Let’s shape the future of work to build a more responsible and resilient real estate for our people.

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