Workplace Experience Survey 2022

How to embrace new workstyles and expectations of a post-pandemic workforce.

března 28, 2022

Jan Mechl

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The pandemic situation caused a rapid transition toward hybrid working and accelerated the transformation of the way we work.

In spring of 2021, after 12 months of global pandemic outburst, JLL conducted Workplace Experience survey in Czech Republic with more than 4,400 respondents from various companies across various sectors trying find out what are employees workplace preferences and get answers to questions like:

  • What is the most productive environment?

  • How do employees perceive the offices in the future?

  • What employer support do employees expect while working from home?

We are happy to invite you to Workplace Experience Survey 2022.

The main purpose of this free of charge research survey is to help the companies understand the needs, attitudes, and expectations of their employees, and for those who participated last year also to show trends in their employees views.


  • Anonymity

  • Free of charge

  • Insight - the view of your employees monitored by an independent company

  • Possibility to consult the results with our experts

  • • Comparison with benchmark data


  • The results of your company only to you

  • Free of charge

  • Anonymity of employees – they only fill in the company name

Survey will be conducted in April 2022.

You can download last year's report below (in English and Czech).

Whether you need more information or you want to join this survey please contact us.

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